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Summer 2019!

Join us for another fun-filled summer of trail running, camaraderie, fitness, challenges and accomplishments!

We will guide this hardy posse of courageous athletes (of all abilities) through a rigorous and rewarding training program focusing on trail running skills, climbing, descending and strengthening. There will be a high altitude component of the training that will include recommended group runs in places such as Indian Peaks, Rocky Mountain National Park, and James Peak Wilderness. We will also continue hosting the fabled "TBD" longest training run of the season. The naming contest will return for this season's big training run, previously coined Faux Mt. Ranch, Check Yerself Before You Breck Yerself, Simogene, Faux-tra, Do or Di-ablo, Bubble-2-Double and Boulder RATS.

2019 It will be an exciting summer, working with athletes of all abilities, training towards our new, fun, low-key and totally beautiful end of the season race -- Crested Butte Camp 4 Coffee Cart to Cart 1/2 Marathon or 19 miler . The group training will be geared towards the 1/2 Marathon course but minor modifications can be made for those wanting to go the extra mile(s)!

Here are the important details:
  • Training season: June 4th - September 21st 
  • Coached group workouts on Tuesdays at 6pm
  • Group workouts are primarily on trails in and around Boulder County
  • Training schedule provided for non-coached days
  • Coach and athlete driven recommended meet-ups for the key non-coached days
  • Open to all running paces, though some running experience is recommended
  • Group training focus will be the Crested Butte 1/2 Marathon, but slight training schedule modifications can be made to accommodate other races or distances
  • Program registration fee is $299 
  • Space is limited, so sign up fast!